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Go back to the front page of the koh samui directory, the most comprehensive business listing of companies in koh samui, thailand.
Koh Samui Property OnlineKoh Samui Health and Spa GuideKoh Samui Dining GuideTop navigation linking to koh samui dining guide and koh samui health and spa guide. Below you can find more information regarding companies in koh samui, thailand. detailed information containing telephone numbers, fax numbers, email and web site addresses.

Welcome to the on-line version of Samui Directory - Samui's premier business guide.

We hope that this directory will be of benefit to both residents and visitors alike, making communication a little easier.

In order to make a complete business directory of Samui, it is essential that all businesses are included with correct information. Therefore, we ask you to contact Siam Map Company if your business has been omitted, placed in the wrong category or contains any inaccuracy.



Visit our new website, Samui Holiday - The Unofficial Guide to Samui, Thailand, featuring some fantastic photography and interesting information about Koh Samui and the surrounding islands. The website features maps, articles, weather, attractions, accommodation and shopping, plus restaurant and spa reviews

the Koh Samui Directory Index

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    Airline Companies


    Auto and Marine 

    Business Service 




    Public Services 

    Real Estate 


    Sport and Recreation 

    Travel and Shipping 


Below more information regarding the island of koh samui, thailand will be available.
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